Two-year-old Eva Ravikovich was stuck inside a boiling SUV outside her daycare north of Toronto for about seven hours before her lifeless body was discovered, a court was told.

Olena Panfilova, who owned the daycare in Vaughan, pleaded guilty Tuesday to criminal negligence causing death nearly four years after the fact, and one year after she was found guilty under Ontario's Day Nurseries Act of operating an illegal daycare.

Panfilova's husband and adult daughter were also found guilty of the same charge last year, and the three were sentenced to 30 days in jail, to be served intermittently on weekends, and given two years to each pay a $15,000 fine with a victim surcharge.

Panfilova will face sentencing for the criminal negligence charge on May 19.

Olena Panfilova

Olena Panfilova was one of the owners of the Ontario daycare where two-year-old Eva Ravikovich died. (CBC)

In an email to The Canadian Press, a lawyer representing Eva's parents said now that the criminal proceedings have concluded, the lawsuit against the daycare operators and the Ministry of Education can move forward.

"The ministry had full knowledge of this illegal daycare and did not take appropriate steps to investigate it or shut it down," Patrick Brown alleged in the email. "It should not have taken the death of a child for the government to finally take action. This is not the standard that we should be expecting in Ontario."

Brown also told CBC Toronto on Wednesday that Panfilova tried to hide from investigators details about how Eva died. 

"There were various steps that were taken in this case to hide what happened to this little girl," said Brown. "These facts are simply egregious. The family has always had the intention of finding out what happened to the little girl and to have the people responsible held accountable."