A 6-year-old girl who was struck by a car at a London, Ont. Costco has died in hospital of her injuries.

The girl, identified as Addison Hall, died in hospital police said Sunday. She was rushed to the emergency room with life-threatening injuries Friday.

Addison's mother Danah McKinnon-Bozek and sister Miah Bozek were also injured at the Costco store, when a car reversed through the entrance and plowed into them. McKinnon-Bozek, who was eight months pregnant at the time, underwent an emergency caesarian section to save her baby.

Three-year-old Miah and the two-day-old baby are both in critical condition.

McKinnon-Bozek is listed as being in stable condition.

The two other people hurt in the crash have been released from hospital.

Police have said the driver of the vehicle is a woman in her 60s. She was taken to hospital and has since been released.

"It is a very in-depth investigation," said Sgt. Amanda Pfeffer of London Police Service. "We have witness statements to compare, we have surveillance video to compare to witness statements and we also have a full mechanical evaluation of the vehicle to be done."

The investigation is ongoing and police won't say whether charges will be laid. Because the crash happened on private property, if they do lay charges it will have to be a criminal charge instead of one under the Highway Traffic Act.

Police said alcohol is not a factor and are looking at other things including what the driver said about the gas pedal getting stuck.

McKinnon-Bozek's husband, Steve Bozek was out of town when the crash happened. He rushed home and neighbours said he hasn't left his wife and daughter's bedsides. Bozek changed his Facebook profile picture to one of Addison causing many people to share their condolences online.

As the family mourns and two little girls cling to life, a small memorial of stuffed animals and flowers grows for Addison at the Costco store