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Promoting for the New Decree for Public Safety

Promoting for the New Decree for Public Safety


The Lebanese Association for School Safety Awareness (LASSA), The Lebanese Fire Prevention Committee (LFPC), The Lebanese Association for Sport Injuries Prevention (LASIP), Safe Building Alliance (SBA) recommend all concerned parties (Engineers, insurance companies, and contractors) to implement the new public safety Decree 14293.


The title of this decree is:

“Conditions for ensuring public safety in Buildings, in civil works, and in elevators installations and for prevention from fires and earthquakes”

It took hundred of fatal incidents and ten years of debate before that the new decree 14293 had seen the light on March 11, 2005. The decree was published bearing the following title: “Conditions for ensuring public safety in Buildings, in civil works, and in elevators installations and for prevention from fires and earthquakes”.


New Projects

The new decree is applicable to new civil engineering construction projects as well as, to rehabilitation projects with construction permits that were issued following the decree’s publication date in the official journal (24/3/2005).

 For tenant improvement and floor addition projects in existing buildings, the owner is responsible for the application of all safety norms, particularly, those that are related to seismic protection, solidity and public safety.

Certificates of conformity issued by the Technical Control Office must be submitted to the authorities after the completion of work. (Appendix: 1 in the Decree: 14293)


Existing Buildings 

Building must undergo all the necessary modifications to make them conforming to the norms of fire and elevators safety within delay periods ranging between 3 to 5 years.

Attestations of conformities issued by a Technical Control Office must be submitted to the municipality before the end of the delay period.

Prior to being declared in full compliance to the norms of safety, Strategic buildings such as hospitals, Universities, Fire Stations, Substations, etc.  must be fully and thoroughly audited for seismic qualifications by an accredited Technical Control Office.

Owners and co – owners of all public buildings are responsible for the application of all safety norms within their properties, notably, those that concern solidity of structure and the periodic verification of all technical equipments.

 2- Requirements and Applications of safety norms 

Three essential safety aspects must be respected in the construction sector: Solidity, Seismic protection, and public safety. 

For the purpose of seismic considerations, a horizontal acceleration coefficient of 0.2 g – be it 2 m/s2 – shall be adopted.

Owners and developers are liable for ensuring the application of safety norms to their projects.

 3- Mandatory Technical Control 

Technical Control ensures the application of safety norms in the construction field.

 When it is mandatory? It all depends on the type of structure, its size (in square meter), its height, and the number of underground level,


Some Examples:

 Mandatory Technical Control
Offices and Industrial facilities
 For sizes over 2000 m2
Residential Buildings
 For heights over 28 meters
Buildings with Basements
 Over three underground level


What is the process of a Technical Control Mission?
  The process of a Technical Control Mission in short: (you can find it in the appendix: 1 from the decree: 14293)

  1. The Technical Control Office is hired by owners.
  2. The intervention of the Technical Control Office covers the design phase, the execution phase and the commissioning of work.
  3. As a minimum, the assignment of a Technical Control Office will involve Solidity (L), Seismic qualification (PS), and safety of occupants (S).
  4. Validation of drawings by the Technical Control Office is mandatory at each phase of the project (construction permit, execution phase, modification drawings, occupancy permits).
  5. Technical Control Offices will be classified in relation to their means, competencies, and organizational structure, by an accrediting commission whose members are designated by a ministerial decree.
  6. Any project developer / owner who allow work to start before hiring a Technical Control Firm (when required) will be subject to prosecution and penalties.

4- Mandatory Insurance
For any type of building or civil work that requires Technical Control, The owner shall subscribe to a decennial insurance policy to provide compensation in case of total or partial collapse of the structure as a result design, execution, or material flaw. The ceiling of the policy’s value shall be equivalent to the total cost of the construction as a minimum.


5- Elevators and conveyors: New requirements

New Projects

Conformity to the Lebanese Norm NL 487 (a close adaptation of the European Norm EN 81) is required. Placing the elevator in service requires obtaining a permit (A process that is expedited and facilitated by the engagement of a Technical Control Office).

The decree 14293 obliges companies that would like to work on elevator installation and maintenance, to get a license from the ministry of public works and transport.

Existing Buildings

A 3 to 5 years grace period is granted for an existing elevator before rendering it conform to the new Norm.

Periodic inspections will be carried out by the municipality with the assistance of technical control offices.


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